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Hey, You have Cancer

August 19, 2015

Back in the beginning, I never thought the back pain, bloating and gas I was experiencing were just the first phase in the battle for my life. I thought I had just overdone the Christmas holiday feasts. Or, perhaps, I needed a new mattress.

While I gulped down Maalox by the quart, I was unaware the pain and flatulence were caused by my spleen, which had grown to three times its size to accommodate the rising white cell tide that was growing to combat diseased lymph nodes. I was experiencing the first signs of lymphoma. It took almost two months for my family doctor to decide I might have cancer and referred me to an oncologist. After a few more tests, the new blood doc said a more complete diagnosis could be made only by surrendering my spleen.

The spleen is a fragile, fist-sized organ that sits near the stomach under the left rib cage. Keep reading

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All Night Long

July 17, 2015

I married my wife –my muse – almost 27 years ago, despite her warning me after our first real date that she had multiple sclerosis and during exacerbations she becomes bed ridden and in unbelievable pain. Later, she was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, creating a double whammy on her pain scale. But she struggles on, using the times when the pain is manageable to be an amazing woman, using her time to help others, particularly addicts and the area’s poor. As well as being the best grandmother and wife in the world. This poem, however, takes a look at how those who stand by a suffering family member often feel.

By David Allen

All night long,
I’ve been wishing on this fading star.
But my thoughts won’t go that far,
and your health, like the star, is fading.

        It was the first star to come out last night,
        bright against the fast darkening sky. Keep reading

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