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Six Weeks to Live

March 16, 2017

Post by Guest Writer, Angelia Huntley

Angelia Huntley received a Journalism Degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She’s been published in The Daily Nebraskan newspaper and has written short stories. She is currently working on a full length fictional novel. When not cheering on her Chicago Cubs, playing with her dogs (Roxie and Snickers), or as she says on her Facebook page “trying to save the world one recyclable at a time,” she is traveling the country exploring new restaurants with her spousal equivalent, Gene.

For almost three years Brenda Clifford’s dad, Fred Clifford, had gone to his doctor with complaints about the glands in his neck being swollen. The doctors continued to tell him and his family that nothing was wrong. Brenda said they kept telling us, “It’s just ingrown whiskers, don’t worry about it.”

Yet, after three years they knew something was not right. In 1991, the family decided to get a second opinion. Keep reading

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Death Doesn’t Care About Your Asterisks

January 18, 2017

Guest post by Justin Harter.

You know that feeling when you have a single loose hair that just flutters around wistfully in the wind? The sort of strand that’s just clumped together enough to bend gently under the air vent and tickle your scalp? I felt that all day yesterday. Except I just got my haircut and there wasn’t anything out of place. Just a single spot on my head that felt tingly all day.

For most people that would be the sort of thing you find curiously annoying and move on from. But coupled with a headache from this past weekend I can’t help but think one thing: this is it. I have a brain tumor. I’ll be dead soon.

My other irrational party trick: noting that mother died 15 years ago today from a brain tumor. She was 36 when she was diagnosed and 38 when she died.

I turn 30 in April and naturally I assume I have about six years to live. Keep reading

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Imerman Angels 1-on-1 Cancer Support

December 16, 2015

From Jackie Herigodt of Imerman Angels:


Imerman Angels 1-on-1 cancer support was created on the belief that no one should face cancer alone. Imerman Angel’s connects cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers with “Mentor Angels” – a cancer survivor or caregiver who is as similar as possible in age, gender, and most importantly, cancer experience. Mentor Angels give cancer fighters and caregivers the chance to ask personal questions and receive support from a peer who has been down the same road before. The service is absolutely free and helps anyone touched by any type of cancer, at any stage, at any age, living anywhere in the world.

To learn more about Imerman Angels, please visit their website or view the brochure [pdf]. Keep reading

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Nurse Mentor? Who, Me? by Terry Goodwin

July 20, 2015

Nurse Mentor?  Who, me?

Exactly what are the credentials needed to be a nurse mentor to someone navigating the minefield of cancer diagnoses, decisions, treatments? Perhaps such a list of criteria exists. If so, I’ve never been made aware of it. Yet, I have a friend and fellow cancer survivor who considers me to be the embodiment of a nurse mentor. Who knew? My qualifications are these: I’m a 25 year survivor of my first breast cancer, with a second breast cancer (new cancer) 17 years ago. I’m a retired psychiatric RN who had approximately 37 years in that field and, most importantly, I am a Christian woman who knows a nudge from The Lord when I experience it. I guess you could say that my ‘continuing education’ certificates come from offering my assistance to women facing the breast cancer journey. Some accept my extended hand, many more decline for reasons of their own. Keep reading

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