What is this website?

This is a website developed and maintained by cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones to help people with a cancer diagnosis understand the need to educate and advocate for themselves as well as providing the tools to do so. This is not a site that will tell you what to do – or advise you to follow a particular service / product — we strongly encourage everyone to find their own path and we want to support you with that goal.

This is not a website for revenge or intolerance. We are not here to bash people or to “name names.” We will not ridicule other people’s beliefs, choices of treatment, or philosophy. Any and all information is welcome here. If we view a post as derisive of someone else or their choices, it will be removed.

Why start a website for cancer patients and their families when there are already so many?

As people who have gone through a cancer diagnosis, we know how much information, some accurate and some not-so-much, is out there. We understand “not being able to see the forest through the trees,” because we have been inundated with books, articles, links, dietary plans, and contact information of people or programs guaranteed to “save us.” On the other hand, we also know that some beneficial information may not be readily accessible, especially if you don’t know what or who to ask. There are valuable resources available if you know how to find them. We started this site to let people know it is okay to question, to demand, to select a different path, and to say no. This is a time when it has to be about the patient and we are here to support them. Hopefully, our stories, information, and educational tools will help patients and survivors in their journeys.

Why is the website called “Whadda Concept?”

Whaddaconcept was originally intended to be used as a political site to allow for a free flow of information and discussions on current issues … and then the founder of the site got a cancer diagnosis. Once she saw how difficult it can be to get basic information (whether it be medical, financial, legal, or educational) that is crucial to patients when they are trying to make informed decisions, she decided to go on a campaign to demand FULL DISCLOSURE from her doctors, insurance company, billing departments, attorneys, and even governmental agencies, to name just a few. Her journey, as well as discussions with other cancer patients, including a beloved friend who lost her battle with cancer, was why we decided to use “Whadda Concept” for our site. Providing full disclosure of information to patients and, thereby, allowing them to make informed decisions?  Whadda Concept.

Where does the money donated to the site and earned through the store go?

As with our philosophy for our site, there will be full financial disclosure of all monies raised. Some of the money will be used to pay for the cost of the site, including administrative fees. All other profits will be donated to organizations that use the money for cancer research, education, and services. This is especially critical now that government funding for cancer research has been cut.